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How I got here

I wasn't always a programmer...

I used to be Geologist I've held a professional geologist license since 2006 working in Environmental and Mining Consulting. I love the creative aspect of programming. To be able to instruct a computer to do graphically amazing things in a browser, with interactivity, richness and fun is so rewarding. Most of my skill has been self-taught but I've added and built more on my foundation through classwork at University of Denver. I have an interest in creating innovative web applications using JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Java and anything else that brings the project together. I'm not afraid to try out new APIs and experiment with unfamiliar code packages. I started developing my skills around 3 years ago when I taught myself Excel VBA to make automating charts I was making for my work in Geochemistry Geochemistry was my first Master's degree from Stony Brook University.

I later found...

some charting APIs that made much nicer charts than Excel so I wrote VBA script that wrote my HTML and JavaScript with embedded data. I love data and trying to find novel ways of exploring it. Going further, I took on a project to develop a visualization system for a very large 4D data set (3D and time). I started off knowing really nothing about JavaScript or anything but I tinkered around and tried things. I found examples and open source code to use that I employed to access the data set. Eventually, I realized that my original goal of JS/JQuery application on a local machine was too contrived (even after developing a workaround) I moved on to MySQL and PHP. The end result is crude, but I stand behind the accomplishment I had made. It's a good example of my determination to develop something with the proper tools and not get discouraged by difficult functionality. 99% of what I know about programming I taught myself enough to produce a working understanding and a working application. I know I could ramp this up having feedback from a team. It shows that I have a 'can-do' attitude. Ask me about the times I've spent consulting in far off foreign lands. I've been in very challenging conditions and places- places most people will never see and no challenge is too much for me to handle.

  • The coding adventure continues...

    I've finally found my true work passion

Skills and Abilities

Some of my skills in no particular order.



I've been tinkering with JavaScript since 2011 and am developing solid skills. Sometimes I surprise myself!



When applicable, I like to take advantage of the shortcuts that JQuery allows.



I have experience building from-scratch websites for e-commerce utilizing the latest credit card processing APIs (Braintree).


Using HTML 5 to produce multi-media rich applications that work in any browser and any device.


Java OOP

Exposure and some work with Java through class work. I'd like to becomemore proficient in this area.



I did a lot of C++ in High School. I know that it's changed a lot since then but it's just like riding a bike. You just have to get back on.


Experience using ArcGIS and QGIS for basic mapping purposes.

MySQL et. al.

Working understanding of database structures, queries and itneraction with server-side code.

Google Maps API

Intermediate experience using Google Maps API to produce custom applications for plotting and acquiring data from Google Maps. Developed coordinate conversion tools based on public FORTRAN and ICON code

Google Scripts API

Produced automation scripts for sending form emails and tracking daily email quotas

HighCharts API

I enjoy being able to visualize data in novel interactive ways.

three.js Library

Experience developing with WebGL three.js library. I love the 3D aspect of things.


I use SVN to document and preserve code for my web projects at work.


Sharing with others and with myself is my goal. https://github.com/crimpy

Amazon AWS

Through a few different projects I gained some experience setting up and running both LAMP and Windows Servers on AWS.

Fast Learner

I pick up on new concepts quickly and run with them. I have the intelligence and experience to rapidly learn new things. This is my best ability.

Employment and Project Experience

Many of my projects have been self-taught. Despite having no real prior knowledge in the areas of development, I was able to produce novel, innovative and functional applications.


  • RockWare Incorporated

    02-2015 -> Present

    Web Developer, Technical Support, Sales, Software Testing and Consulting

  • Orogen HydroGeo LLC

    04-2011 -> 02-2015

    Self-employed specialist in hydraulic packer testing, hydrogeology, geotech logging and training for mining/consulting companies

  • Interralogic

    06-2011 -> 11-2014

    Various mining consulting tasks including geochemical evaluations of mine waste rock

  • SRK Consulting

    08-2008 -> 04-2011

    Various mining consulting including hydrogeology numerical modeling

  • Groundwater Sciences Corp.

    06-2004 -> 07-2008

    Various environmental consulting including modeling subsurface contamination plumes

  • Stony Brook University

    08-2002 -> 05-2004

    Graduate Teaching and Research Assistant. Award for Exellence in Teaching 2002


I like to keep busy with hobbies and causes that are passionate to me. Here are a few of these things

Volunteer Work

Giving Back

Cook Craft

Making things the hard way

LGBT Causes

Advocate for Minority Community

Other interests include: Photography, Painting, Running, Student Pilot, SCUBA

Here are the details of my educational background

SUNY New Paltz

BA: Geology, BS: Physics, Minor: Mathematics | 2002 - 3.20

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Stony Brook University

MS: Geosciences (low temperature aqueous geochemistry) | 2004 - 3.81

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University of Denver

MS/MS-Cert: ICT (software development) | 2017 - 4.0

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